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Cash of Authority Slots: Overview

Take on the enemy in Cash of Command, a war-themed slot game from Play’n GO. This is a cluster-paying slot from the grid slot veterans, and it has a number of bonuses that are activated by a symbol collection meter. As a result of incorporating several entertaining video game aspects, playing this grid slot machine is a lot of fun.

In Cash of Command, the battlefield mimics the ocean, the sky, and the ground all at once. Studios have tried a variety of approaches to the potentially fraught topic of bringing war to the wheels of a slot machine. Options in the past have ranged from Play’n GO’s frighteningly realistic Das xBoot to the heroic recruiting poster style of 1942 Sky Warrior, and even to the cheery chocks away atmosphere introduced into Cash Command by the same developer. Cash Command successfully combines serious action with a lighthearted tone, proving that every perspective has its place. The company has deftly crammed in a Battleships board game element, likeable protagonists, and a plethora of impressive visual effects. Among these include a rousing score, planes and ships on the board, bombing runs, and aerial displays. Cash of Command is a hybrid between a top-down shooter and a slot machine.

For slots players, there is a math model that is both very unpredictable and available with many Return to Player (RTP) options, the largest of which is 96.28%, which is greater than the typical RTP for games developed by Play’n GO. In an effort to win some money and, presumably, some control, gamers may do so on any device by loading stakes of 10 p/c to £/€100 every spin.

The objective of this game, which is played on a 9 by 9 grid, is to create clusters of five or more identical symbols. When you have a win, the cascade feature kicks in, clearing off the winning clusters and letting the remaining symbols cascade down to fill the empty spaces. If this results in the formation of a new cluster, the cascade mechanism will kick in once more. While the symbols may be confusing at first glance, you can tell them apart by looking for green, brown, blue, purple, and white badges, followed by blue, green, and red badges with diamonds. A cluster of five of these symbols is valued between 0.1 and 1.6 times the wager, and a cluster of 50 or more symbols is worth between 100 and 5,000 times the wager.

Money in Charge Slot Machine Features

We discussed the cascading features of Cash of Command, and now we must move on to the Baron’s Turrets, Naval Heroes, and Baron Fusco.

The Guns of the Baron

The Baron’s Turrets bonus round might randomly trigger on losing spins. If this is the case, wild symbols will be added to the reels to increase the number of possible outcomes. The wild card can be used in place of any other symbol.

Navy’s Finest

In addition to setting off the cascade effect, winning symbols are added to the tally on the left side of the grid. At each of the meter’s four levels—reaching 15, 40, 70, or 110 symbols gathered, respectively—a new effect is activated. Each of the first three characteristics is a ship or submarine added to the grid courtesy of Naval Heroes. These watercraft are neither rare nor valuable. At the conclusion of a cascade, the following Naval Heroes characteristics become active:

To the grid, wilds are added by Commander Wilder.

Captain Verto – interchanges two different sets of symbols for a single one.

By activating Admiral Magna, four 2×2 mega symbols are added on the reels.

Sir Fusco, the Baron

In order to trigger the Baron Fusco bonus, you must collect 110 symbols in one gaming round. This one eliminates all but one ship or submarine. The surviving vessel or sub then upgrades its own Naval Hero to super status:

More wilds are added to the grid with Super Commander Wilder.

Super Captain Verto can change any combination of three symbols into a single symbol.

Puts up to four 4×4-sized mega symbols anywhere on the board with the Super Admiral Magna ability.

Each round of play is limited to a single activation of Naval Heroes and the Baron Fusco.

The Power of Money: The Slots’ Verdict

War, as the saying goes, is hell, so let’s not sugarcoat it, but in the cartoonish setting of an online slot machine, it’s actually rather enjoyable. Cash of Command is a great illustration of the need of attention to detail, and it has its share of memorable moments. If Play’n GO hadn’t spent so much time perfecting every aspect of Cash of Command, the game may have been a lot less than average. The whole piece is really well-executed, right down to the painted fangs on the planes, the dropped bombs, and the booming score.

The gameplay is also solid, but may not appeal to gamers that desire a strict divide between the main game and any optional features. That’s not how Cash of Command works. It’s something like Lordi Reel Monsters, however even that game offered 1 more spin to finishers. To get to the Baron Fusco part, just keep stacking up cascading clusters and crossing your fingers that you get the Super Version of the Naval Heroes feature. Bigger clusters could be built with or without Commander Wilder’s random wilds, but things might get interesting with Captain Verto’s symbol transformations and Admiral Magna’s giant symbols. It’s possible that the game’s high-paying symbols will provide a substantial result on their own, without the need for any of the additional elements.

You definitely need to play the Cash of Command slot machine to have an idea of how awesome it is. In still images, the game appears passable, but you’re missing out on the awesome animations that give it life. The same can be said for the game’s features, which on paper look quite basic but, when paired with the video game charm, help to create another very engaging grid slot from one of the genre’s masters.






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